The Music of BMI Composers Ritmanis, Boyer and Lebetkin Moves Carnegie Hall Audience,” BMIOctober 16, 2017

“The Carnegie Hall concert, which was expertly conducted by the orchestra’s founder, Amy Andersson, celebrated the American immigrant experience.”

Review: Orchestra Moderne NYC is Moving and Relevant at Carnegie Hall,” Brian Taylor, Contributing Writer, ZEALnyc, October 9, 2017

“The orchestra, under Andersson’s clear baton, played with verve and flair.” 

“If the rhythmic panache, warmth of tone, and impeccable intonation demonstrated in this reading are any indication, New York City has another first-rate classical ensemble on its hands.”

“Amy Andersson and her Orchestra Moderne NYC have laid a solid foundation for their arrival in New York, and the orchestra plays magnificently, as if together for years. Andersson’s conducting is refreshingly no-nonsense and efficient. Her technique never draws attention to itself and she has a good ear and rich musicality.”

Immigrant Voices of Hope and Resilience, and Our Relentless History of Vilification of the Of the Other, from Wagner to Trump,” Lawrence D. Mass, M.D. , Contributor, Huffington Post, October 11, 2017

“Each of the actors—Stacey Lightman, Myles Phillips, Rori Nogee, Daniel Kreizberg, Annie Meisel, Austin Ku, Carol Beaugard, and Karen Johal—brought presence, passion and pathos to their lines.”

Orchestra Moderne NYC Is Ready To Tackle Social and Political Issues; First Stop—The Immigrant Experience,” Joanne Sydney Lessner, Contributing Writer, Huffington Post, September 30, 2017


“All of the pieces were masterfully performed by the Orchestra Moderne NYC, directed by Amy Andersson.