Join us in supporting beautiful symphonic music that connects people of all ages in our community. Supported by Music Resonates, Inc., a non-profit 501c3 organization, Orchestra Moderne NYC will commission works with emerging and established composers and fund support for major symphonic commissions. Music Resonates, Inc. operates with the philosophy that music intrinsically resonates in our minds, bodies, hearts, and instruments, and thus remains one of our most profound and significant human experiences. Music can speak to the changes we want to see in the world!

Your tax-deductible donation will help make concerts accessible for everyone by supporting low ticket prices. 

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Star $25 | Bronze $50 | Silver $100 | Gold $250 Platinum $500 and above

Checks may be mailed to: Music Resonates Inc. 34 3rd Ave #190 New York, NY 10003

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Alliance for Women Film Composers


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Funds raised for this project go directly to Music Resonates, Inc, 501(c)3, which supports Orchestra Moderne NYC. Your tax-deductible contribution to this project will support production costs at Lincoln Center.